How does it work?

Receive a free smartAC Kit that allows you to control your room AC remotely and set temperature schedules.

The smartAC Kit comes with a modlet and a remote control. By joining the program you agree to participate in brief, limited temperature adjustment events so you use less energy when summer electricity demand is at its highest.

As part of the program, participants will receive a $20 Amazon e-gift card after setting up their smartAC kits and a $5 bill credit every time they fully participate in a temperature adjustment event.

Participants will need to set up or return the devices within three weeks of delivery otherwise they will be charged $96 for the device.

What is a smartAC kit?

The smartAC kit is comprised of a modlet and a thermostat. The modlet is the modern electrical outlet that allows you to save energy and money with your room AC, and conveniently control your room AC from any smartphone or browser.

You can set your room AC to turn on before leaving work so you can come home to a cool residence - no more leaving your room AC on all day!

What are temperature adjustment events?

Temperature adjustment events occur on very hot summer days when demand for electricity and the overall price for energy are expected to be particularly high. They typically occur between 1 and 7 PM on summer weekdays when homes and businesses are using higher amounts of electricity, especially through air conditioning. During an event, the temperature setting of your room AC may rise up to 4 degrees but you can opt out at any time from your smartphone, tablet or computer. NYSEG and RG&E expect to call no more than 15 events per summer.

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